Create a social digital class

  • Create your course
  • Personalize your course with cover photos
  • Prepare your materials
  • Set your course privacy
  • Assign your assistant or co-teacher on course
  • Duplicate your courses

Discussions & Auto-grade class activities

  • Engage your students through lesson discussions
  • Assign your assignments/quizzes/exams
  • Create your handouts
  • Create your SCORM assignments
  • Create your Office Mix assignments
  • Create your own questions
  • Auto award your students a badge for each activity
  • Add voice notes to your students’ assignments
  • Hear your students’ voice notes in their submission

Plan lessons

  • Create your sessions
  • Add voice notes to your sessions and materials
  • Add your different materials to your sessions
  • Search and use Youtube for video materials
  • Upload all kind of files; such as: video; audio; image; Office documents; pdf..etc.
  • Give your students clear and easy lesson to go through
  • Copy your lessons through all your courses
  • Use materials already created by your colleagues

Badges and leaderboard

  • Engage your students with point based course leaderboard
  • Award 21st century badges and more to your students
  • Apply formative assessment using badges
  • Create your own custom badges

Create individual learning paths

  • Personalize the learning experience for your students with a candy crush like individual learning paths
  • Students can unlock a session by passing all activities under it
  • Students acquire the sessions trophy
  • Students share their success on Facebook
  • Monitor your students’ progress through their individual learning paths and help the late ones

Reports & Analytics

  • Decision maker & teachers can view Course performance reports
  • Decision maker & teachers can view Students usage reports
  • Teachers can keep track of how many students viewed each of the course materials

Enrich Course Communication

  • Communicate with your students through Course Facebook like wall
  • Allow students to communicate together under your supervision
  • Communicate with your assistant teacher
  • Share ideas through videos & images

Manage students

  • Invite your students to your course from your Facebook contacts; Google Contact; Google circle; Outlook contacts or your school Office 365 contacts
  • Remove students from your course
  • Accept/reject student enrollment request to your course

Track Students Performance

  • Teachers can view all students in their course and their overall score
  • Teachers can view the status, score and passing score for each assignment for each student
  • Students can see their overall scores for every course
  • Students can see the status, score and passing score for each assignment for each course

Increase Group Collaboration & Teacher networking

  • Teachers can create WinjiGo social spaces and use it to collaborate with others
  • Students and teachers can collaborate on Facebook like walls
  • Students and teachers can share events, photos and materials
  • Group collaboration is in a safe educational environment
  • Teachers can reuse material from department spaces to their lesson plans and vice versa
  • Teachers can connect to other teachers across the globe

Use the Calendar

  • Teachers & Students can view their courses’ sessions & upcoming activities on their Calendar
  • Teachers & Students can view their groups’ events on their Calendar

Manage school

  • School Admin can create their trial school directly from Office store
  • School Admin can Quickly create their own school with its name, logo, theme & users
  • School Admin can Set up their school’s privacy settings easily